I provide individual, family, and couples counseling from a holistic perspective. I do not follow the typical medical model focused on diagnosing and treating symptoms. I follow a holistic perspective that involves uncovering the cause of the symptoms and treating the person from the inside out. This perspective involves discussing nutrition, exercise, physical and emotional ailments, internal and external stressors, current and past relationships, spiritual practice, and goals/dreams.


YOGA & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are part of the counseling process for my therapy clients. I also offer private yoga and meditation sessions for individuals not interested in counseling but are wanting to grow their personal yoga and meditation practice. 

Energy Healing

We are all energetic beings. When our energy centers are depleted or are overfunctioning, it can cause pain and emotional discord within the body and brain. I utilize knowledge about the 7 chakras (7 energy centers of the body) to determine the cause of the pain and emotional discord in order to heal and balance the chakras. 

$110 for an hour