My Body Rocks

my body rocks.png

I know the feeling of dread when you are trying on clothes in the dressing room with all the mirrors. You poke and prod at all your "flaws" and feel defeated. By the time you get done trying on that swimsuit or pair of jeans, you want to crawl into a hole and cry. Or go to your nearest pizza shop and pig out.

I am no different. I don't even own a pair of jeans because of prior dread in thinking about going shopping. Instead I wear lots of dresses. I felt exposed for the world to see when trying on clothes. In reality, I was becoming exposed for my true self to be seen.

Today I am celebrating my love for my body. I think about my curves, cellulite, broad shoulders, stomach, and legs and I think about how beautiful I am. I have done so much work in extracting the negative beliefs around worthiness and body size and replaced them with realistic and body loving beliefs. "I am beautiful no matter what size." "Who says being over a size 10 isn't sexy?" "I am perfection, cellulite and all."

It's all about challenging those beliefs. It's all about knowing your worthiness, regardless of your size. Stop believing society's idea of beauty. Know that you are a child of the universe, so therefore you are worthy and beautiful!

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